Welcome to Hotel Royal Ramiro Residency , Gurgaon , India

Hotel Royal Ramiro Residency

When was the last time you traveled on a business trip and took a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily corporate chores? When was the last time you took your family on a holiday spree and ended up with an experience that was hard to forget?

With us, the business trip is always meant to have an extra flavor of holidays. Staying in our hotel is not just a mere stay but find yourself lost in an opulent world. Sumptuous and multi cuisine dishes will surely put in that extra adrenalin, you wished once for? A drink in the evening will undeniably make you, lost in a world of serenity to rejuvenate the soul.

So, next time you plan to travel on a business trip, never forget to blend it with an exclusive holiday experience. And with us, indulge in a world of extravagance. 



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